Guidelines for Collections

What is this page for?
  • A filing cabinet for anything that could potentially serve as evidence of what you've learned or to show your growth as a learner.
How do I use it?
  • If you have something you'd like to store in a file cabinet, click on the appropriate link and upload or link the item. 
Why is this important?
  • It's important to keep an organised collection of artefacts so that it's easier to look back on your learning and find important evidence.  
Helpful Hints for Keeping Collections
  • Your portfolio has a storage limit.  Uploading BIG video files is not wise.  Consider opening an account at (free & non-filtered by APS) and using it to store your videos so you can link or embed them.  Embedding media does not take up space. 
  • Each artefact you store in a filing cabinet should have a title that helps you to know exactly what it is without opening it.