ICTinSubjects PortFolio Guide

What is an e-portfolio?
  • An e-portfolio is a digital record of a learning journey meant to show growth over a period of time.  
  • An e-portfolio serves multiple purposes:
    • Reflections: A personal learning journal for reflecting on the value of learning experiences 
    • Collections: A place to organize and store artifacts that could be used to show evidence of your growth as a learner
    • Presentations: A tool for organizing and storing presentations to show one's learning journey

When will I use this portfolio?
  • When reflecting on your own learning experiences (on your own or class-directed)
  • After projects, when considering what artifacts to preserve for possible evidence of learning
  • When preparing a presentation
  • During your advisory, for 
    • setting goals
    • planning for the future
    • keeping track of grades over longer periods of time
    • keeping track of credits and course requirements
  • For possible use as a
    • graduation requirement
    • senior project
    • marketing tool
  • Use as a resource for 
    • connecting with mentors or internship programs
    • organizing a resume or portfolio for employment
    • applying for scholarships
    • applying to colleges and post-high school programs

How do I make this portfolio my own?
  • Re-design it however you like (backgrounds, themes, etc)
  • Replace the generic icon on the front page with a picture of yourself
  • Add pages (and links to pages) however you see fit
  • Use it in a way that's most meaningful to you (keep in mind the storage limit)
  • Use the Reflective journal in a way that's meaningful to you (beyond what teachers do to help you with it)
  • Expectations: Keep it organised, easy to read, up-to-date, and keep the contents relevant to your learning journey

Who will see this portfolio?
  • Your site is set to private unless you share a direct link to it
  • You're the owner.  Your advisor is an editor.
  • The following sections are private for safety reasons, even if you share the links:
    • Reflections 
    • Photo Journal 
    • Personal Links
  • In order to share a page set to private, you'd have to add someone as a viewer to the entire site and then change the setting on the private page to include their address for access to that particular page.